How do I become a member of JCU?- The Joint Communications Unit application process consists of three phases and requires extensive time and effort from an applicant. Since each service has unique PCS requirements, we have built in some flexible parameters. Use this as a guide to ensure all necessary information is submitted.




Ideally, interested Candidates should submit their application 12-15 months out from their eligible rotation date. You can certainly submit applications with more or less than 12-15 months out in many situations. We encourage you to contact the recruiting team with any questions.


Phase I

  • Complete and return the APPLICATION with the following items:

    • Letter of recommendation from Commander

    • Copies of your last five evaluation reports

    • Hand Signed Statement of Understanding (pg 25)

    • Hand Signed Authority for Release of Information (Pg 26)

    • (Army) Copy of ERB, ORB for officers

    • (Air Force) Copy of Records Review

    • (Navy) Copy of Enlisted Summary Report

Phase II

  • The Recruiter conducts an initial screening of the application

  • Packet is forwarded to the Personnel Section for Branch/Detailer/Monitor approval

  • Packet is screened by the Chain of Command

  • Candidate is notified of approval/disapproval for Stage III


Phase III

  • Candidate is brought TDY/TAD to the Unit (funded by JCU)

  • Physical Fitness Assessment

    • 2-Minutes of Push-Ups

    • 2-Minutes of Sit-Ups

    • Pull-Ups and/or Chin-Ups

    • 3-Mile Run for time

    • Psychological exams

  • IT, Radio Operator, and Electronic Technicians Assessments

  • Medical records are screened

  • Security Interview (validate ability to obtain or maintain a TS/SCI Clearance

  • Psychological interview

  • JCU Selection Board

  • Special notes

    • You formally enter the recruiting process when we receive all items identified in Phase I. For Phase III you are brought TDY/TAD to the unit (funded by JCU). The JCU recruiter will coordinate your on-site activities and answer your questions. Our selection board consists of members from various elements within JCU. If during any stage you are eliminated from consideration, we will send a letter of notification. If you have questions not addressed here contact the JCU Recruiter at DSN 312-383-0203, Commercial (910) 243-0203.




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