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Foxholes to White House



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Why JCU?

"If you're looking for a place that's like every other unit, this is not that place."

SGM Adcox (Retired)

JCU Operations Sergeant Major

What is JCU?

The Joint Communications Unit (JCU) offers positions for active duty Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Civilian personnel in a variety of communications, automation, electronics maintenance and logistic specialties. JCU individuals are trained to be communication experts and afforded uncommon opportunities as a member of this unique team.

The Joint Communications Unit is an "Airborne" unit. However, attendance to the US Army Basic Airborne School is voluntary. If you are currently not airborne qualified, you will have the opportunity to attend the US Army Airborne School.

Since we must maintain the highest state of readiness, training encompasses much of our daily routine. Because of our deployment status, unit personnel receive a wide-range of training. This training includes: UHF and SHF satellite systems , LAN, WAN, Servers, Active Directory, Networking, VOIP, VTC, Video Distribution, fiber system installation and advanced tactical communication scenarios on various air, land, and sea platforms.

Due to the nature of JCU's mission-family readiness is of highest priority. The JCU Chain of Command is committed to the overall well being of the entire family of every assigned JCU member.

In addition to readiness training, the unit provides factory training to all technicians. On-going military and civilian training is stressed, keeping us abreast of the latest technology, and continually increasing our mission effectiveness. Every technician is allowed his own personal bench, tools and trains to be the best in the business.

The unit Physical Training (PT) goals standardize a program reflecting on-the-job physical requirements. Ample opportunity is given for members of the unit to train to a high state of physical readiness. Our unique environment requires a high state of physical readiness.

Predominately made up of enlisted personnel, this unit will test your talents daily. The level of responsibility is extremely high, providing you with unique opportunities rarely found in today's Armed Forces.

Some of the fringe benefits include: travel abroad, exposure to other cultures, potential for extra pay, state of the art gym facility, opportunity for MFF training, and be part of a close knit team.

If you are mature, experienced and competent in your specialty, and are prepared to compete for a demanding, yet challenging position in a motivated unit, then complete the APPLICATION package and return it to the recruiter via E-mail (preferred) or by snail mail.




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